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You are most definitely not going to lose weight if you are not physically active. Adopt some form of exercise daily. It could be as simple as skipping the lift and taking the stairs instead. Or you could walk two blocks to the supermarket instead of driving down there.

Losing weight requires perseverance and dedication. It is not going to happen overnight. Take it slow and have some patience. Remember that losing weight is not just about looking good. Maintaining a healthy weight is essential for a healthy life. Stay happy!




OEating right for weight loss

Watch what you eat and start making healthy choices. Maintain a food journal where you jot down what you eat. Reviewing this will help you figure out where you can cut down on sugar or unhealthy oils that can contribute to your weight gain.

Sugar has a sneaky way of creeping up into your diet, even if you don't use it directly in the form of table sugar. For instance, most fruits are high in natural sugars. Try to eat fruits whole instead of drinking juices. This way you get the full benefits of the fruit including its fibre instead of a sugar overload.

Make healthy swaps in your diet. Instead of white bread, switch to multigrain or whole wheat bread. Swap white rice with brown rice and opt for whole wheat pasta instead of the regular variety.

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